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The Spider's Web Ch 1
Whenever Kanda Yuu went out in public, he had a very specific intent. Majority of the time, said intent was to get to his destination and get back with out being noticed; Kanda did not like being surrounded by annoying people. So one fateful Sunday night, Kanda mapped out a very complex route to get to the local library and back home without incident.
Knowing the people that live in his immediate area, an assortment of weirdoes, stalkers, creeps, and obsessive fan girls, this task was nearly impossible.
Almost every time Kanda stepped foot into a public place, the same thing happened every time. First, he heard the ear grating high pitched giggles of some girls that had happened to know who he was. Annoyed, he would cast a weary glance in their general direction and he always saw the fierce blush growing rapidly upon on the girls' faces. Next, he heard loud whispers about him, his hair, and his "totally radical mini-van". Who actually says that about a beat up mini-van?
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Reenactment, PH chapter 1
The one thing Leo learned on his first day at Lutwidge was to never trust the directions of Ada Vessalius. Leo, lost, asked her for the directions to his dorm room, and he had ended up in a cave like chamber with people in red cloaks giving him strange looks. They were all crowded around a large table, looking at a large map. Leo tried his best to convince himself that Ada had given him the wrong directions by accident, but it was extremely hard to believe seeing that he hadnt seen any dorm rooms, but he had seen numerous empty classes, on this floor.
'I think Eliot's rubbing off on me..'  He almost cringed at the thought.
Leo had found the situation intensly awkward. He did not like people to be observing him in such a manner, even thought there were very few people doing so. There was a tall man with long blonde hair, who Leo had first noticed because of his oddly colored eyes, who had glanced at Leo once and had been smirking to himself as he returned his attention to the
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Tooko Amano by inochachan Tooko Amano :iconinochachan:inochachan 0 2
Pen In The Back, D.N FF, Ch 5
On the morning that the second murder was supposed to happen, Beyond and A were sitting in the far back of a bus to Wammy's after a long plane ride back to England.
"Ah…this brings back good memories, doesn't it A?"
"Beyond, we're only been gone for two months. I don't consider that to be worthy of missing."
"You're such a killjoy, A." Beyond sighed. The two became quiet as they saw the other passengers glancing back at them.
After A while, A decided that he didn't care. "Beyond…are you sure that this is a good idea?" A asked. "I think that it might make them more suspicious if we just show up at Wammy's right after they saw us snooping around."
Beyond inhaled and exhaled loudly. "Quit worrying, A. The reason we're going to Wammy's is to get rid of their suspicion. We are going to stay there from now on and we'll make sure they know it's not us."
A sighed and clutched his suitcase with the Death Note closer to his chest.
Once Beyond and A got to the corner of where Wammy's wa
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Pen In The Back, D.N FF Ch 4
Six days later, Beyond and A were sitting on the floor in their apartment, staring at each other. They had begun their stare-off about ten minutes ago and both of them had blinked within the first half of the minute, but they continued anyway.
Beyond's eyes were beginning to water when he looked away from A. "How many times did you blink?" He asked. A grinned.
"About five."
"Two. I win." Beyond said. A few seconds later, he sighed. "This is starting to get really boring, A. We should go do something while we wait. Do you want to visit Wammy's?" Beyond asked.
A shook his head. "Nah. It would be really awkward if we suddenly just left and then we come back all of a sudden. And Mr. Watari would insist that we stay."
"Okay. Well what else can we do?" A asked.
"I don't really know. Do you want to go see if the site is already being investigated?" Beyond asked.
A shrugged. "I guess it couldn't cause any harm. But you should take off your makeup so that if L has sent an investigator, you won'
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Pen In The Back, D.N FF Ch 3
It was about 6:30 that morning when A woke up. He wiped the crud out of his eyes and looked over at Beyond. He was sleeping peacefully, curled up under his covers. A sighed and walked over to the window. Then he counted the long wooden tiles until he got to thirteen. He reached over to Beyond's nightstand and grabbed a pen. He dug it as far as he could into the space between the wood and got up. He walked into the kitchen and reached into a drawer and pulled out the hammer Beyond had brought in advance. He went back into the bedroom and over to the window again. A picked up the pen and began prying at the floorboard. After a while, Beyond began to turn in his sleep. A tried to do it more quietly and eventually lifted the floorboard and pulled out his Death Note.
A got up of the floor and walked back over to his bed and began to write in the Death Note.
Believe Bridesmaid - strangled by rope July 3, 2002
Brian Bihrer will arrive at Believe Bridesmaid's house at 6:44 AM where he is drunk
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Pen In The Back, D.N Chapter 2
Beyond sighed as he stared at the closed door to his and A's shared room. This was a really bad start. Beyond had only been there for maybe five hours and had already pissed his roommate off.
"So much for a brand new start…" Beyond mumbled to himself. He tried knocking on the door again for what seemed like the twentieth time. He heard a sigh and the shuffling of feet. After a while, A opened the door and stared blankly at Beyond. Then he stepped to the side and let him walk in.
"Why'd you lock me out?" Beyond asked, sitting on his new bed. "I just went to get some jam and then I couldn't come back in."
A chose not to answer. A and Beyond sat there for a while, A staring at the floor and Beyond staring at A.
After a while, Beyond broke the silence. "So, A, what do you plan to do with your Death Note?"
"I don't really have anything special planned for it. I don't want to use it again unless it is for an urgent situation." A said. Beyond raised an eyebrow.
"How many people did you k
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Pride's Eyes-PAINTED by inochachan Pride's Eyes-PAINTED :iconinochachan:inochachan 4 0
Pen In The Back, Death Note FF
A took in a deep breath as he slumped through the deserted halls of Wammy's House. The only other people there were Watari and Roger. A strolled around until he reached the living room. Then he plopped down on the couch and fumbled around for the remote. A was about to press the button to turn it on when he heard the front door creaking slowly. A stood up and peered down the hallway.
His eyes widened when he saw a boy around his age of 13, standing at the front door. But the boy's arrival wasn't what startled him. It was the boy's aura. The front hall was darker than usual and A could barely see the boy. The boy quickly walked up to A, not blinking his red tinted eyes.
A felt the urge to step back, but he didn't. "Who are you?" he asked quietly as the boy came close to A. The boy stared up over A's head. After a while, he began to smile at A.
"Hmm…you can call me Beyond Birthday or Beyond or B. It doesn't really matter. What's your name?" He asked A. His smile grew. A was about to
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Pride's Eyes by inochachan Pride's Eyes :iconinochachan:inochachan 1 4 Lady My Mom Drew by inochachan Lady My Mom Drew :iconinochachan:inochachan 0 0 Confused Dude by inochachan Confused Dude :iconinochachan:inochachan 0 0 Lietuenant Hawkeye by inochachan Lietuenant Hawkeye :iconinochachan:inochachan 2 3 Edward Elric by inochachan Edward Elric :iconinochachan:inochachan 0 0 Realistic Eye by inochachan Realistic Eye :iconinochachan:inochachan 6 2 Winry's Shocked by inochachan Winry's Shocked :iconinochachan:inochachan 0 0



Creepy Vampire Lily
United States
Heeeey person who's reading this! I was playing in TekTek and I was wondering what I would look like, so yeah. I put my hair into a ponytail like that but I dont have purple streaks, and I don't think I can make a face like that (Gotta try harder!) And I don't own a sword, but I want one.

Current Residence: Somewhere over the rainbow...
Favourite genre of music: I listen to a lot of genres, but mostly rock/alternative
Favourite style of art: Traditional. I prefer to use lead pencils though.
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: iPod touch
Shell of choice: ...
Wallpaper of choice: ...
Skin of choice: ...
Favourite cartoon character: Tyki Mikk
The plz faces on dA are..awesome lol





















So that's a list of some of my favorite plz faces *W*
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